Spring 2018

Our Spring farm day is just around the corner on April 15th. We will have local vendors and artisan goods as well as tours of the dairy and baby goats. The event will run from 1-4 PM and parking will be $5. We look forward to seeing you there! You can sign up for our emails to keep up to date on all farm happening. https://squareup.com/outreach/3gDkOl/subscribe

Spring Is On The Horizon

Did you know we were expecting? We had 39 baby goats! The 22 girls and 17 boys are all healthy bouncy babies. We are excited to be getting milk from their 15 mothers, which means we are able to produce more of the hand crafted cheeses you love. April 7th will be the start of Spring/Summer farmer’s markets. Check out our events calendar for opportunities to visit the babies. We are sure looking forward to spring!

Building a Cheese “Cave!”

Everybody needs a little Southern Comfort! Who can resist a wedge of Red Eye, Sweet Hominy or Drunken Collard. Our aged cheese collection is ready to hit the big time.. we need more space -a proper ‘cave’- to age them. Our repurposed antique barn just needs the interior finished to be more cheesey! Learn more about our fundraiser!