The Cheese

Cheese Louise!

Our award-winning fresh chèvre that has been called “the goat cheese for people who do not like goat cheese.”louiseweb

Available flavors include:

  • Natural

  • Garlic and Herb

  • Black Pepper

  • Roasted Red Pepper

  • Jalapeño

  • Fig and Honey

  • and a variety of seasonal flavors


Feta Complee

Feta Complee is a tangy goat milk feta sold in brine 


Hickory Creek

Hickory Creek is a goat milk camembert for the more discerning taste. A bloomy rind that shows off the local terroir  

Paradox Paneer

Paradox Paneer is an versatile indian style cheese that is lovely cooked in a vegetable dish or served in a cool salad. 

Available later in the season, Southern Comforts:

Sweet Hominy

Raw milk, aged. Washed with sweet tea vodka and grits

Red Eye

Raw milk, aged. Rubbed with bacon infused olive oil and coffee

Drunk N Collard

Raw milk, aged. Wrapped with collard greens and washed with a local muscadine wine


New in 2016!


Jersey cow milk camembert with a creamy butter paste

Bel Paradox

Jersey cow’s milk washed rind aged cheese, melts well, versatile.

Cheese Curds

Squeaky in Wisconsin fashion, fresh cheddar...yum


Limited supply of our aged cheddar badge wrapped and rubbed with coconut oil 

Coming early fall 2016

Aged Raw mixed milk cheese…