The Cheese

Cheese Louise!

Our award-winning fresh chèvre - known as “the goat cheese for people who do not like goat cheese.”


Available flavors include:


Garlic and Herb

Roasted Red Pepper


Fig and Honey

and a variety of seasonal flavors

Feta Complee

Feta Complee is a tangy goat milk feta sold in brine 


Hickory Creek

Hickory Creek is a goat milk camembert for the more discerning taste. A bloomy rind that shows off the local terroir  

Paradox Paneer

Paradox Paneer is an versatile indian style cheese that is lovely cooked in a vegetable dish or served in a cool salad. 

Southern Comforts:

Raw goats milk, aged 90-120 days. Each cheese is made the same way, with twists that add distinctive flavors


Sweet Hominy- Washed with sweet tea vodka and grits

Red Eye- Rubbed with bacon infused olive oil and coffee

Drunk N Collard- Wrapped with collard greens and washed with a local muscadine wine



Jersey cow milk camembert with a creamy butter paste

Cheese Curds

Squeaky in Wisconsin fashion, fresh cheddar...yum


Limited supply of our aged cheddar badge wrapped and rubbed with coconut oil