The Story

Paradox Farm began it’s journey in 2008 when Sue and Hunter bought a few goats and a llama.

Why? Well a few reasons; They became interested in producing their own food for health and food security reasons. The local food movement was hitting the area and… yes.. they had too much wine one night and decided to buy livestock. The first goats, Thelma and Louise were selected along with a third goat named Sarah and a llama they called Barry. Both Sue and Hunter.. ok more Sue.. has the tendency to plow ahead into something and lift her head up later. well, it was head down until they found themselves eating dinner in Ashten’s one evening in 2011 with their signature Cheese Louise! on the menu. Since 2011 the farm has grown every year to add more milking does, equipment and new goat milk products.

In 2014 the unexpected and heartbreaking loss of Hunter put Sue in a quandary of how to proceed. True to form and knowing that Hunter had her back Sue put her head down and pushed forward.  2016 has brought in cows milk and the addition of additional products.  Stay tuned… there is no moss on this rolling stone!